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Smart AI Solution

Intelligent X-Ray Interpretation and Report Generation

We take an xray to initiate the Guarantee which is analysed by proprietary AI Tool to generate a "Dental State Report (DSR)" mapping the dental state if your teeth and gums and generates a pdf for the Patient also
Dental Guarantee

12 month of cost-free repair of teeth problems*

Based on the AI powered "Dental State Report (DSR)" the Dentist guarantee's the teeth for next 12 months for treatement to be supported at no additional costs as per coverage of the guarantee.
Auxiliary Benefits

Additional Benefits for Patients from Oral Care Partners

Dental Guarantee for 12 months for your Patients

Using our Smart AI Solution, Dentists are able to quickly and reliably identify healthy teeth and teeth with problems.

The process is simple - Take an x-ray, load in the AI tool and let it facilitate the initial analysis. After the initial analysis and treatment, the Dentists can protect their patients' healthy teeth with an additional 12-month dental service guarantee, backed by their professional services and dental care.

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For Guarantee Holders

Your dentist can provide you with quality dental care and a Dental Service Guarantee when
you need it, without waiting for it to be affordable.

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For Corporate Clients

If you want top-class dental care with cost-covering Dental Guarantee for your employees, please do speak to our team.